Bespoke engineering and concept design for high performance vehicles.

Performance engineering and design that meets the highest international standards.

Performance without compromises in quality, design, safety, reliability and driveability.


Award-winning vehicle concepts offering the highest standards in performance engineering and automotive design.

Emphasis on research & development and advanced-engineering to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovative technologies. 

Partnerships with world-leading engineering and design studios to deliver the highest standards in the automotive industry.

Internationally renowned for intelligent design – RENM provides complete and integrated design services world-wide.

Unique Innovative Integrated

All new ideas question some tenet of the conventional wisdom 



Balance, quality, reliability, driveability.


Precision engineered and designed for the optimal balance of power, reliability and driveability.

Safety features of engine, transmission, drive-line and chassis are assessed in road, race and dyno controlled conditions.

All components are TÜV certified  – meeting the highest international standards for quality, economy and emissions. 

All performance systems, including hybrid and electric drive systems, are DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

Specialising in Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche and select high performance marques.



Cutting-edge, precision engineered, intelligent design.

Automotive design and technology

Automotive design and technology

RENM presented an overview of automotive design and technology at the Campus Party Europe in Berlin festival.

Campus Party is an annual, week-long festival where participants immerse themselves in one of the biggest technology and science events in the world.  Read More

RENM Gallardo STS-700

RENM Gallardo STS-700

Based on the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale, RENM’s award winning STS-700 is the closest thing to a Blancpain Super Trofeo race car for the road.

The Gallardo STS-700 demonstrates RENM ’s capacity for concept design and development at the highest levels.  Read More

RENM Aventador LE-C

RENM’s critically acclaimed concept design – the Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition Corsa (LE-C).

The RENM Aventador LE-C is a special track focused version of the Aventador that blends aggressive styling with race-developed technology.  Read More

Conceptual design

Conceptual design

Conceptual design and modelling forms an integral part of the design process. RENM uses the latest automotive design software to enable our clients to view projects in 3D and evaluate each stage.

Alcantara and Carbon composites

Alcantara and Carbon composites

Alcantara and carbon fiber construction – our design programs enable us to offer a wide range of possibilities for a broad spectrum of automotive applications. We rely on the highest-grade materials including high temperature pre-impregnated carbon fiber composites for their superior properties, rigidity, strength and durability.



Aerodynamics – maximizing performance requires efficient and optimized vehicle designs. External aero analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) techniques are used to assess a vehicle’s drag coefficient and down-force, often critical elements that drive the design development process.

  • “Overwhelming, ..one of the most important companies on the market.”

    Autoevolution, RENM Lamborghini Gallardo STS-700
  • “The limited-edition Aventadors put the supercar in the stratosphere.”

    The Sunday Times, (UK), RENM Lamborghini Aventador LE-C
  • “Blazing, ..superlatives abound. A digest of aesthetics, power and performance.”

    Action Auto, (France), Audi R8 V10 RMS Spyder
  • “Revising the Aventador is a high art, ..the LE-C is more agile, snappy and sharper.”

    DIE WELT, (Germany), RENM Lamborghini Aventador LE-C
  • “It reminds us of what an M3 CSL would look like!”

    GT Spirit, RENM BMW M3 Agitator
  • “The best we’ve ever seen a company do to the Italian supercar.”

    Topspeed, (USA), RENM Lamborghini Gallardo STS-700
  • “A wondrous engine that breathes and sings like Rammstein.”

    EMG CarTech, (USA), RENM Audi R8 Enigma


Seamlessly integrating high-end performance with exceptional design.

Conceptual design, Aerodynamics, Carbon composites, Light-weight components, Alcantara and Carbon fiber construction.

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Merging performance design and race-engineering.

Our automotive and performance products are designed to release the potential of each vehicle without compromises in quality, reliability and driveability.

Together with our development partners, we offer some of the world’s best engineered performance products and design solutions.