RENM Aventador LE-C

RENM performance has officially released their Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition Corsa (LE-C).

The RENM Aventador LE-C is a special track focused version of the Aventador that blends aggressive styling with race-developed technology.

A video featuring design illustrations of the Aventador LE-C highlights the key features and unique design characteristics of the vehicle.



The RENM LE-C combines elements of the Aventador ‘wedge’ design with influences from the Lamborghini Aventador J concept, most notably the front section. The design demonstrates how the Aventador lines have been retained while creating a distinctive and cutting-edge appearance.

“We wanted to retain the original design lines while enhancing and making improvements across the entire platform. Some aspects of the design were influenced by the Aventador J concept, but only those sections we considered were improvements. For instance, the upper rear grille is similar to the J concept, although the lower rear section is a total redesign.”

The design specifications were also developed in consultation with Aventador owners scheduled for the LE-C upgrade. 

Key features of the LE-C program include:

- Extensively redesigned aerodynamic carbon fiber body sections with electronically operated rear wing;

- Road and race specification valve-controlled inconel and titanium exhaust systems, re-designed air intake chambers, ECU recalibration resulting in a 9-11% increase in engine output;

- Individual suspension, chassis adjustments and modifications, with adjustable vehicle ride height;

- Exclusive LE-C light weight center-lock race specification wheels, fitted with optional race specification tyres;

- LE-C race brake kits with air flow inlets, revised engine and brake cooling chambers;

- LE-C interior with alcantara and carbon fiber accents, including steering wheel with optional light weight race seats and harness section.

The limited edition Aventador LE-C vehicles are customized for specific markets. All Aventador LE-C vehicles vary slightly in engine output.  Some owners have opted for an increase in engine output through higher grade fuel with higher flowing, less restrictive exhaust systems for maximum performance.

Replacement body parts are made from light-weight carbon fiber composites that provide significant weight savings. The interior also blends alcantara and carbon fiber elements. Both standard and light-weight race seats are upholstered in alcantara with LE-C inscription.

The Aventador LE-C modifications reduce rotating and unsprung masses, improve handling and traction, resulting in better performance, acceleration and vehicle dynamics.

The program demonstrates RENM’s capacity for concept design and development at the highest levels.

For more information on the RENM Aventador LE-C, contact RENM performance.


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