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LAMBORGHINI performance tuning

The Lamborghini Gallardo is equipped with two types of transmission, a conventional six-speed and electro-hydraulic semi-automatic manual known as ‘E-gear’. Earlier Gallardo models include the SE, Nera, Spyder and GT3 race versions. More recent releases include the LP 560-4, Super Trofeo, LP 550-2 Balboni and the lighter and more powerful LP 570-4 Superleggera. Weighing only 1,340 kg, the LP 570-4 Superleggera is the lightest version for road use.

The Murciélago was the first new design under the ownership of the Volkswagen Group (VW Group). A roadster version was introduced in 2004, followed by the updated LP 640 coupé and roadster and LP 650-4 Roadster. The most recent evolution is the LP 670-4 SuperVeloce, a highly tuned and final iteration of the Murciélago. The R-GT race version was jointly developed by Reiter Engineering and Audi Sport. The LP670 R-SV also developed by Reiter Engineering was designed to compete in the GT1 World Championship. In 2011 Lamborghini released the Aventador LP700-4, superseding the Murciélago model range.

RENM offers performance tuning for most Lamborghini models, specialising in Gallardo, Murcielago and Aventador special edition models.


All Lamborghini models listed below can be tuned for additional power and torque.

Gallardo Gallardo Super Trofeo Gallardo LP550-2/560-4/570-4
Murcielago Reventon Murcielago LP640-4/670-4 SV Aventador LP700-4

RENM tuning

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