used cars lakeland fl

Finding well-maintained used cars Lakeland FL has never been a problem. The challenge lies in laying hands on a well-maintained car and paying for its exact worth. The situation is further aggravated by the used car salesmen standing in between you and the car. Some auto brokers apply standard tricks differently to ensure you either cough up more than the value of the car or pass on some liabilities such as taxation. But just as they get ready to maximize on your ignorance of their industry, so should you in thwarting their allure. Here are four practical lessons to get you by:

used cars lakeland fl1. Don’t openly express your desperation or love for the car

Every car dealer hopes that you fall in love with a particular car. They know that when you really like something, most people will pay anything to get it. Therefore, never let your love for a particular vehicle show. Even when you are dying to own a particular car, only let them know that you might take it if they lowered the price to a considerate price. Otherwise, let them know you are happy to keep looking.

2. Work on a particular price range

The salesman is willing to fetch as much as he can with all his used cars Lakeland FL sales. The reverse should apply to you. Push him to as low as possible that he is willing to go. Let him consider a break even on the car as an opportunity to get the metal off the lot.

However, this not only requires mastery of negotiation skills but also a deep industry research of the average car prices. Nonetheless, don’t hold on to a particular price as this shows a lack of seriousness. Act on the 10-20 percent rule and start your negotiations at this percentage level below the break-even amount.

3. Be wary of how much you let out about yourself

Naturally, most salesmen for used car Lakeland FL will ask personal questions such as your occupation during your negotiations. But how much should you let them know about yourself? In most cases, the salesman is not only gauging your ability to pay but is also most interested in such factors as your income.

Being privy to such information gives him an extra edge in exercising price discrimination. This means up selling a car at a higher price to a perceived higher income earner than he would to a minimum-wage buyer. Therefore, if you are a corporate executive at a given company, don’t just flush your illustrious job title card. But you also don’t have to lie, just let them know you work at a particular company without getting into the specifics.

4. “I am looking for a car below $3000.”

Never disclose your expected used car Lakeland FL purchase ceiling. This makes you vulnerable. They will either seek to tear up your perceived veil or upsell you a low-quality vehicle. If you are keen, you will also note that almost every car you express interest in will most certainly be of close but higher value or the exact amount you disclosed. It simply makes your cash a target, and every salesperson will do anything to ensure you leave it all behind and most certainly for a car way below that value.

Bottom line

If you are haggling for a deal with used cars Lakeland FL salesman, you need to be weary of how much you let out about both yourself and the car. Importantly, don’t express open interest in a particular car, ow much you are willing to pay before the start of negotiation or your occupation.